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Posted by PutuNegara on December 15, 2017
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Beaches just don’t get any better: the water is clean warm, striped turquoise and curling into world class waves and barrels, and the sand is silky and snow-white. Framed by a landscape of massive headlands and sheer cliffs the south of Lombok & West of Sumbawa are sparsely populated and stunningly beautiful. Here you feel far away from the pressures of modern life, and yet you are only a stones throw away from international arrival points.



Lombok provides a kaleidoscopic experience which is easy to begin, hard to get enough of and totally memorable. Renowned for being fiery in temperament this island is dominated by the active volcano Mount Rinjani, and is a sweet spot for romantic getaways with pink beach amongst many other stunning natural locations. Where Bali is an international superstar Lombok is the more beautiful younger sister you will want to see, primd to become a huge international tourism destination in its own right.



Here is an inspirational list of adventures you can enjoy easily whilst staying in Kuta Lombok, a convenient base from which to explore the stunning south coast of this island., Ekas & West Sumbawa. There are many things to do in Kuta Lombok and the surrounding areas which are fringed with beautiful beaches, many of them deserted and pristine, great cafes providing delicious international & local cuisine, and fascinating local villages showcasing & inviting interaction with local culture.


Favourite beaches:

Selong Belanak
Tanjumg Aan
Seger Beach
Kuta Beach
Mawun Beach

There are many easily accessible opportunities to create the best kind of holiday memories


How to get to West Sumbawa?

West sumbawa is easily accessible from Kuta Lombok by boat – Tours are run by Ozone Adventure Tours, see their website and tripadvisor pages for information on the packages available.
Ozone Adventure



These are once in a lifetime adventures as only West Sumbawa can provide, with its massive nature and sparse population. Be among the first to experience this new destination. West sumbawa is also accessible from Lombok by ferry and schedule flights from Lombok International Airport to several airports. West Sumbawa offers world class surf breaks and diving set in beautiful nature permeated by a unique powerful transformative energy.



West Sumbawa’s epic surf spots:

Scar Reef
Northern Rights
Big Brother
Little Bingin